Better than WHAT? (Zanex)

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Our best seller, the one tincture we can’t keep in stock.

Better Than Zanex (yes we spelled it that way on purpose).

We took something amazing and made it even better with the addition of terpenes (plant based of course) that have a synergistic twist for our super potent herbs. 

While we can’t talk specifics as to the proprietary blend of terpenes added to the formulation, we can give you a breakdown of it’s effects.

We have added specific terpenes to aid with chronic pain, depression, chronic fatigue/ME and fibromyalgia as well as anti anxiety and uplifting effects. 

We were careful to ensure that the terpenes complimented the herbs being used, especially where uplifting the mood, and calming the body come into play. 

This tincture is great for those with social anxiety, before a big presentation at work, for those suffering with PTSD abd ADD (due to the mindfulness and focus aspect). 


Known for its relaxing and calming effects as well as helping with nervous tension. It’s going to help with those stubborn tension headaches as well as stressed out muscles, annoying spasms and the jittery feeling we sometimes get when overwhelmed.


Beautiful in the way that it has the ability to calm restlessness and anxiety. Especially those anxious moments right before a large life event (like a wedding, public speaking or even buying a car - no one likes that process!). Another fun fact that makes this pair so well with our digestive bitters is it’s ability to heal stomach ulcers (which we know can be brought on by stress). Studies have shown this but for the purpose of this site we are of course NOT making any medical claims. It’s one of our favourite nervine herbs, supporting the nervous system through life’s big events.

Blue Vervain:

You vampire buffs are going to recognize this one, in this case we aren’t warding off any vampires, we are simply balancing mood swings and depression. This herb is a deeply penetrating nervine, it soothes the central nervous system. It is both uplifting and yet calming. Vervain stimulates the release of serotonin and dopamine (happy neurotransmitters). It‘s been shown to help with stress induced headaches and has been rumoured to have many magical properties - which of course we cannot claim so we will leave that to your research (but seriously though… google this herb!)

Holy Basil aka Tulsi:

Such a gentle adaptogenic herb. Helping us lower our cortisol (that’s our stress hormone) as well as helping us adapt to stress overall. Science shows that this herb has pharmacological properties which help us cope with all sorts of stress including emotional, physical, chemical and environmental. 


Basically this tincture is a powerhouse of anti-anxiety, antidepressant and stress coping ingredients, or at least that is what the reviews say.