Better than Zanex

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Better than Zanex

What makes this formulation so potent you ask? It’s a combination of potent herbs and synergistic terpenes.

Let’s talk terpenes… This tincture contains both Blue Dream and Durban Poison profiles which lend blueberry notes to the taste profile.

These two profiles have been shown to help with chronic pain, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome & fibromyalgia. Combined they uplift your mood and get your body moving all while calming the mind and heightening your focus.
Those with social anxiety will love this combo, so will those with PTSD and ADD due to the sense of mindfulness and focus.

These terpene profiles work in synergistic harmony with the herbs found in this tincture.

Skullcap is known for relaxing & calming effects as well as helping with nervous tension. Those tension headaches… yup this is great for those! Stressed out muscles? it helps those annoying spasms as well as targeting the inflammation and pain. It’s also great for frazzled nerves and social anxiety.

Add in some passion flower for it’s ability to calm restlessness & anxiety, especially those anxious moments before a large life event (think weddings, public speaking, or buying a car perhaps?)

Something else passion flower is great for is healing stomach ulcers, which as we know can be brought on by stress. Studies have shown this as an effective treatment but we aren't allowed to make medical claims so this is simply for the purpose of sharing information *wink, wink*

Ahh Blue vervain - those of you who are vampire movie fans will get a chuckle out of the addition of this herb. Don’t worry we aren’t using it for vampires, in this tincture it’s purpose is to balance mood swings and depression. This herb is a deeply penetrating nervine, that means it soothes the central nervous system. It’s an uplifting yet relaxing herb that stimulates the release of serotonin and dopamine (happy neurotransmitters). It has also been shown to help with headaches (typically the stress induced tension variety). This herb has been rumoured to have many magical properties but for this tincture we are listing only the ones that count.

Last but not least is the addition of tulsi, also known as holy basil. This is a gentle adaptogenic herb used to help lower cortisol (our stress hormone) as well as help us adapt to stress in general. The scientific research shows this herb has pharmacological properties that help us cope with all types of stress including emotional, physical, chemical and environmental.

Basically this tincture is a powerhouse of anti anxiety, antidepressant and stress coping ingredients.

And remember...

It's Slippery when wet ;)