Chocolope Terpene Profile- This Is Our Holiday Favourite!

Posted by Slippery Buddha Inc on

There are no words for how DELICIOUS this terpene profile is. It's herbal, peppery, little subtle hints of citrus with a punch of creme de cacao chocolate liqueur and notes of sweet coffee. It's a rich and smooth sweet treat. 

The terpenes in this blend range from mpre limonene, linalool and myrcene accompanied by ocimene, terpinolene and our secret blend to top it off. I eman we can't give away ALL our secrets now can we?

So other than taste and aroma what makes this profile one of our favourites? Well it's stress relieving properties combined with it's ability to tackle that neck pain which come from sitting in front of a computer screen for too many hours, that tension headache that the neck pain brings with it and of course the depression that stress tends to bring with it. 

This profile is great for social anxiety and PTSD due to it's happy and uplifting effects. It's a perfect motivating daytime profile - great for keeping you optimistic for the days hefty projects. Whether it's for a social event of just to keep you motivated for the day ahead this profile is going to keep your head clear and your focus game on point.