Food Grade Terpenes, Are They Really Worthy?

Posted by Slippery Buddha Inc on

In the cannabis world there have been many connoisseurs who 'poo poo' the idea that terpenes are all created equal, they think cannabis is superior to plant but we are here (and so is the research) to pop that bubble! They have the same chemical structure no matter the plant they have been extracted from and will help modulate THC in the exact same way.

First off - stay away from the synthetic ones, those are fake. Period. We are discussing plant terpenes, not man made garbage (sorry, not sorry)

Are the effects underwhelming? Depends on the person and the quality. Some can handle more, while others can handle less - this has to do with your individual tolerance (and how you metabolize) not the efficacy of the terpene. Typically it is 1- 5% of the total weight you are adding the terp to, for myself I’m in the 2%, my partner is more 1% or less, however I have a few patients who LOVE a higher dosage added to their (item of choice) bud or beverage or (again pick your poison lol) oil.

The ones with flavours added are NOT what I would be adding to anything going into (or onto) my body. Cotton candy terps? No that's not a thing - I mean when is the last time you heard of a cotton candy tree? It’s like giving someone a glass of fireball when they ordered a whiskey… When a buddy of mine mentioned this to me it really stuck. He was right AND he knows his cannabis! 

Another little known fact… ALL those studies that have made the connections between specific cannabis profiles or terpene combinations have not been done on cannabis, they were actually conducted on FOOD - grade terpenes (let's just refer to them as terpenes shall we). I mean think about it, we weren’t really allowed to study cannabis so this was the best option right? The effects of cannabis terpenes have not directly been tested, let this sink in- but we have all these claims being made thanks to (you guessed it!) food terps. 

This means that YES it has been proven that food/plant and cannabis terpenes are created equal, they have science to show the effects are the same due to the identical chemical structure. If you get a fake taste it’s not the terp (unless it is a synthetic one) it is likely the additives being used like maltol, or isoamyl butyrate. 

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