How Do I Use My Terpenes?

Posted by Slippery Buddha Inc on


So you've grabbed some of our awesome terpenes but you don't really know what to do with them since you don't use cannabis products. Not to worry! You can easily add them to alcoholic beverages for their medicinal properties (we call those terptails) or to bubbly water, just be sure your water has bubbles or it won't work. 

It's important when working with terpenes that you are aware they are extremely volatile, and highly concentrated. Our terpenes are pure plant terpenes, they have not been diluted and therefore you need to calculate the proper ratio of terpene to base (in this case whatever beverage you are using). 

Be sure if you are adding them to water that it’s bubbly (I know I said that already but it's worth repeating), terpenes are concentrated oils meaning they are hydrophobic - they won’t mix with still water. We need the shuffling of the bubbles to ensure that the terpenes work properly or the alcohol to act as a sort of emulsifier of sorts. You can also add them to beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages. They enhance and compliment flavour profiles, while adding a medicinal component. I love adding a little Grapefruit Haze to either a IPA or Rose. For a full breakdown of our terpene profiles be sure to check out our descriptions page

Start with 1-2 drops in 8 ounces and work your way up (if needed). Don’t exceed 5 drops in 12 ounces, while some people do find 3-5 drops in a smaller amount is fine there is a compounded danger of consuming too much or irritating your throat (as with any essential oil type of concentrate).

Remember they are highly concentrated and that means too much can be detrimental (too much of a good thing can be a bad thing as they say!). Think of these as essential oils, they will burn if used alone. You absolutely need to dilute them in some sort of complimentary substance, do not exceed the daily allowance as with any plant medicine. 

If you decide you want to add them to your CBD oil or CBD/THC oil you can always do that too.Our suggested ratio is 1-5% of the total volume, but we recommend starting low to see the effects.  I like to start at 2%, so when calculating your CBD/THC oil you would measure 2% of 30 ml which would be 0.6 ml. Each drop contains 0.05 ml so you would add roughly 12 drops. We have given more details here for adding to flower and other options for cannabis consumption. 

I'm going to say this one more time for those in the back... terpenes are extremely potent and highly concentrated so I would start by adding 3 drops and see how you do, you can increase as needed. If you feel you have the desired result then great! If you find you need more you can add another 3 until you reach 12 drops.

Each 2ml bottle of terpenes contains a total of about 40 drops so it should last you a while.