Meet The Terpenes: Eugenol

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This happens to be one of my favourite terpenes of late, rare and hard to find but definitely worth a mention. As an herbalist I have always loved the medicinal properties of clove - mainly because of its content of the terpene eugenol. That spicy aroma you get from gramma's homemade apple butter or hot apple cider. 

OK so why is it a favourite? It's got some pretty awesome benefits for starters, like being a bacteria killing machine and it helps to reverse nerve damage (it protects nerve cells from damage and degeneration). I used to use clove for toothaches, just biting into it is said to have powerful pain relieving properties - it really does. Medicinally speaking it's also good as an anti-fungal especially for candida, as a parasite treatment, for digestion (especially for bloating and gas) and IBS symptoms as well as nausea, for blood clots, reducing your risk of a heart attack and boosts it your immune system. 

Like most terpenes (most but not all) it's going to boast some anti anxiety benefits along with depression. It's recently been shown to be effective at treating rheumatism and all the aches and pains that go with it.

The problem with this terpene, despite all of it's benefits, is that it's hard to find. Even when you do find it the chances are that you won't find enough of it in your favourite strain to really reap the full benefits in full. That's where terpene concentrates come in handy. 

Vape Temp: Keep it low, the jury is still out on this one.


I actually add this one to certain tonics to help prevent spoilage, it's got awesome anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties so it acts as a preservative. 


Medicinal: Expectorant, intellectual stimulant as well as helping fight off physical weakness, carminative, digestive aid, stomachic, sedative, antispasmodic, aids in convalescence post op or after illness, helps with flatulence, restores appetite which is good for those taking higher doses of CBD who find it appetite suppressing. It's an anti-infective agent, meaning it prevents the spread of specific infectious organisms and kills infections - basically helping to prevent the spread of disease especially viral infections. It's categorized as an antiseptic so as I mentioned above it's going to be powerful to fight off things like parasites as well as boosting your immune system. Cold and flu season can be a pain in the ass which is why having a little of this in our cold and flu tonic make it so potent at fighting viruses and bacterial infections, including pneumonia, bronchitis. It's also great to help soothe a sore throat if you do happen to get sick, it soothes and heals (and acts like a bit of an expectorant)

Trying to quit smoking? This is a magic bullet, not only does it help calm and prevent cravings it soothes the nervous system at the same time. 

Pregnant and want to speed that labour along? Get a little of this into you (or suck on some cloves)