Sabinene - A Momoterpene

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First off we need to talk about what are monoterpenes vs sesquiterpenes. 

Monoterpenes contains two isoprene units, and sesquiterpenes contain 3 isoprene unit.

Monoterpenes help to reprogram the code in the DNA.

Sesquiterpenes carry oxygen molecules towards the haemoglobin, and reprogram the codes in the DNA . This is why they have been used to treat cancer where there is malignancy of the cells due to improper codes in the DNA. Pretty cool stuff eh?

Ok that was super sciency - enough of that, let's get to the fun stuff!

Sabine is a bicyclic monoterpene, we find it in a bunch of different plants (like other terpenes). From oak, to spruce, juniper berries, the leaves of redwood trees, carrots (that earthy sweet scent), citrus, black pepper, tea tree (yup small amounts are in the oil too), thyme, and nutmeg (think Christmas holidays). Speaking of which, it's super common around Christmas due to it's abundance of common holiday scents.

The aroma we get from this is a spicy yet citrusy scent (with some touches of pine) also has some earthy hints, like carrots pulled fresh from the garden and a pungent spice of pepper. The aroma of nutmeg is one that overpowers many others and in this terpene profile it is no exception.

If you are looking for profiles that contain this in the cannabis world you will find it in Super Silver Haze and also in our terpene profile Super Lemon Haze (which is a combination of Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk). Although this particular terpene is much less common in cannabis, when found it is in much lower concentrations. If you smell or taste a pine-minty or pepperiness in your cannabis it's safe to say that sabinene could be part of the mix.

Along with the standard terpene benefits commonly found, like antibacterial, antioxidant and antifungal this terene has some other very impressive properties. 

So what are the benefits of this particular terpene? It's great for liver function, and we all know how important our liver is. It's got some impressive anti-fibrosis properties. When we mention juniper berries most people think of GIN, but they are rich in anti cancer rich sabinene so add a little oomph to your gin and tonic with some Super Lemon Haze! 

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