Terpene Pairing - Better Than Edibles?

Posted by Slippery Buddha Inc on

By now we have all heard the buzz surrounding edibles, especially since they are finally legalized. However... the sad reality is that it is still very limited as to what we can do and where we can get it. But what if there was another option, a legal and less restricted option? Terpene infusions!

The founders of Slippery Buddha have been in the terpene game for quite some time (they are both certified cannabis sommeliers), one of them even being a formulator and herbal alchemist for over 20 years! So this is not some new hobby for them. They have learned to see and think outside the restrictive THC/CBD box.

When we look at cannabis we are already looking at terpenes, often times we just didn't know it! The smell of it, the medicinal properties, how it made you feel, the reason you partake and enjoy one chemovar over the other.

Perhaps you just don't have a thing for cannabis, but you do like the idea of the benefit....yet another reason terpenes are the future. All the benefit and none of the high (ok maybe not ALL the benefit, a toned down sample size perhaps).

Terpenes are what give lavender its calming effect and soothing scent. They can be extracted from just about anything plant wise, from citrus peels to pine needles to pepper. Now imagine your favourite bud - perhaps a nice Thin Mint Cookies or some Super Lemon Haze, now pair that with a decadent chocolate dessert or sorbet. What about the addition of a dank myrcene rich profile to a nice stout beer, or perhaps some Grapefruit Haze added to a crisp rose? The options are endless.... and a cannabis sommelier can help you elevate the experience to a whole other level. 

Think about Pinene, a terpene found in pine trees. This pairs in a nice way with dishes that would typically be garnished with rosemary or thyme. 

Now this experience isn't just about adding a cool factor to the dining or cocktail experience. It is about leveling up your game as a host or an establishment.

The right pairing can soothe your guests of their social anxiety, prevent a histamine headache that comes from drinking wine (hello ladies you feel me?) or simply add some kick to your favourite IPA. There really is something for everyone.

Why not book a cannabis sommelier for your next event, or let us plan a private event for an intimate gathering or a exclusive event at your favourite restaurant? Shoot us a email and let's colab info@slipperybuddha.com