Terpenes 101

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Terpenes, what the heck are they and how do they work? First off they are in every single plant - it's what gives lavender that scent and calming effect. Think lemons and cleaning products, those are terpenes. Oh and remember when your gramma used pine sol? Yup that was terpenes too (pinene). They are compounds much like cannabinoids and flavonoids.

Essentially terpenes are a combination of hydrogen and carbon but that's enough of the nerdy shit.

We hear a ton of talk about how CBD works on CB2 receptors throughout the body and THC works on CB1 receptors but did you know that terpenes, much like those cannabinoids, bind with certain receptors and neurotransmitters in our body and brain as well? This means they give us many of the exact same effects on their own or they can be added to your existing product to give it a boost of the actions you want most. Think of your favourite cannabis product and then think how you could improve it. Better pain management? More uplifting? A calmer felling without any anxiety? Mood balancing - think PMS ladies. Heck there is even a profile that has been shown to improve symptoms of bipolar disorder!

Some terpenes enhance your mood, while others boost your energy and focus, some work at pain management and specifically target tension headaches or migraines. Basically there isn't much terpenes can't do in the right combinations (we call these profiles or blends).

Due to the popularity of terpenes added to our tinctures (we are the first in North America by the way!) we decided that we should be raising awareness as to the benefits and general usage of terpenes - and of course making them available in some of our favourite profiles blends! I actually carry 2 or 3 of my favourite profiles in my purse to add to my beverages (my rosé has never tasted so good!)

Terpenes can be added to alcoholic beverages, bubbly water, dried bud or vape juice, CBD oil or even vaped on their own (of course you need to dilute them cause these things are super concentrated and potent as f*ck).

All of our terpenes are plant based, organic and 100% pure natural goodness. We don't add anything to them so there is never a worry about harsh additives or harmful chemicals.  They are always non GMO, food grade, kosher terpenes isolated from various plant species. We do not use any terpenes if they are not supported by a certificate of analysis from a reputable supplier. No pesticides, mold or heavy metals.

No tricks or gimmicks.

Head on over to our shop section and check them out! We will be adding more of our favourite ones so be sure to check back in every once in a while to see what's new, of follow our social media - just click the icons below!