What The Heck Is A Terptail

Posted by Slippery Buddha Inc on

All the cool kids are doing it, but what exactly IS a terpail? When a friend of mine in L.A. mentioned he had gone t a bar and had a wicked cannabis infused beverage I of course wanted to know more. Turns out it was actually terpenes... and it was delicious. It was this frothy, tasty, fizzy beverage and the mixologist in me couldn't wait to recreate this wonderful delight. 

My first one was a customized with our very own line of bitters (coming this fall for the new additions) - I created a rich, frothy Grapefruit Pisco Sour with Orange Bitters (coming soon) and a drop of Gelato Plant Terpenes 

Sours are one of my favourite drinks to add terpenes to since I can customize them anyway I want. 

Another fun drink is adding them to your favourite rose wine, Grapefruit Haze terpene profile plays nicely with undertones and notes found in rose wine - and it helps you with avoiding those histamine related headaches and sneezing from wine thanks to its high limonene content. 

Adding terpenes to wine involves pairing them with the right notes,we want to enhance the flavour not overpower it. Be sure you are following our instagram page for our posts where we make tasty suggestions to simplify life a little for you wine drinkers out there. 

Another option is beer, this was just as complex as wine! I love adding the citrus profiles to a nice summer IPA, or a super hoppy beer - those high hops remind you of anything? They smell similar to cannabis due to the myrcene scent. 


Stouts have some lovely chocolate, caramel and coffee notes to them so pairing them with something along those lines (wait for the fall launch for some yummy flavours). I've added some Blue Dream and a little Galato to mine or some Grandaddy Purple in the evening to soothe and relax me into a good night's sleep. 

Don't be afraid to create your own masterpiece, pairing and playing around with a variety of profiles. Sometimes combining two profiles gives you exactly what you were looking for.