Alpha-Pinene Terpene Isolate 2ml

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This 2ml bottle is filled with some delightful Terpenes! Welcome the A-Pinene profile!  This profile is great for those who need to fight inflammation, if you smoked a little too much THC, this will bring your anxiety in check.  

How to use":

1-5% into heated plant concentrate, vape juice.  Combine with your favorite beverage, mix and enjoy!  (If mixing with a drink, use 1 drop to 2 DROPS!). 

Touching a hot stove will burn

⚠️Jumping out of a plane with no parachute won’t end well

⚠️Using these Terpenes without diluting will also suck.

Serious harm can happen from using Terpenes without diluting - seriously though don’t do it 🚫.


Mental Focus and energy


Inflammation, Arthritis, Memory

100% Plant Based, THC FREE, CBD FREE, GMO FREE, 0% Solvent 

Terpene Profile:

100% Alpha-Pinene Isolate