Better Than Zanex 60ml - Adrenal Tincture (Terpenes)

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Relaxing without sedating!  Great in helping relieve frazzled nerves, stressed out muscles, tension headaches, stress and anxiety.  This is a soothing adrenal tonic to help curb the tension!  We took our small batch tinctures and added a synergistic blend of terpenes.  

Ingredients:  Skull cap, passion flower, blue vervain, holy basil, alcohol, terpenes

Suggested Use:  When you feel like throat punching your boss, try 20-30 drops of this sh!t instead.  More cost effective than a lawyer!  Use as needed.

Disclaimer:  This product is not meant to replace your doctor.  It hasn’t been evaluated by the powers that be and isn’t meant to cure/treat/diagnose or turn you into a f*cking unicorn.

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