Face Fire Tonic 8oz - Regular (Terpenes)

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If it was good enough for the Plague, it's good enough for the cold!  Feel something coming on?  Shoot back some of this super potent herbal tonic. We've taken our regular tonic and JACKED IT UP with terpenes!

Caution!  This product is spicy AF!  Take a deep breath and shoot it back.  Do not dilute.  If you're a p*ssy and can't handle the heat, feel free to SIP a little water or suck back some raw honey.

Ingredients:  Garlic, Onion, Fermented spices, Seasonal Peppers, Ghost Peppers, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar 

Suggested Use:  1-2 tablespoons, 1-3 times per day

This product is not meant to replace your doctor, it hasn't been evaluated by the powers that be and isn't meant to cure/treat/diagnose or turn you into a f*cking unicorn.