Liver Smash 60ml - Liver Tincture (Terpenes)

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Cause you’re an asshole hole to your liver, it’s time to show it some love.  

Ingredients: Barberry, Schisandra berry, artichoke, black pepper, turmeric, milk thistle, cayenne pepper, celery seed, smoked Celtic sea salt, plant terpenes.

Suggested Use: We don’t recommend taking this one straight - she bites. 10-15 drops into a beverage of choice for liver protection/health or 1 tsp for a solid medicinal ass whooping (that’s code for morning after your fuckery)

Disclaimer: This product is not meant to replace your doctor. It hasn’t been evaluated by the powers that be and isn’t meant to cure/treat/diagnose or turn you into a f*cking unicorn.