Sugar Hacker Tincture 60ml

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This product is meant for those who can't control their sugar cravings!  Put this on your tongue and enjoy your tasteless dessert.  You're welcome.  But in all seriousness, due to the combination of herbs it numbs your ability to taste sugar and helps regulate blood sugar (great for type 2 diabetes).

Ingredients:  Gymnema, (organic) fresh lemon, cinnamon bark, (organic) orange peel, frankincense resin, alcohol

Suggested Use:  To kill your sweet buds, swish 5-10 drops on your tongue for 10-15 seconds, then swallow.  Spitters are quitters, don’t be afraid to swallow.  Use when craving.

Disclaimer:  This product is not meant to replace your doctor.  It hasn’t been evaluated by the powers that be and isn’t meant to cure/treat/diagnose or turn you into a f*cking unicorn.

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