Chadwick - "Face Fire is an amazing product! I got a bottle this past winter and whenever I got the feeling that I was getting a cold I would take a couple of shots. I did not get sick once! Awesome product. Word of warning, that is not just a clever name but also a warning. It is hot as hell and will make your face feel like it is on fire. Worth it!"

Michael John M.- "We received the order on Tuesday the results are immediate and calming. We have a large 7 bedroom 2 kitchen bungalow. Placed our main diffuser in the 500 square foot living room. We run 5 drops in the machine at 20 minute intervals 6 or 7 times a day. Place one or 2 drops in the small diffuser to sleep to. This is the first time over the last 21 days that our house has felt relaxed, we are able to breath a bit better. Hoping for the secondary viral effects of the terepenes.., obviously ! Trying a two drop protocol in my beverages thrice daily. Thank-you !"

Sara W - " Sugar Hacker, tried a piece of chocolate right after. the chocolate had no taste but I could still feel it, I wasn't numb or anything, I just couldn't taste the sweetness if it, I could feel the texture or it but i couldn't taste it lol super weird! super effective!"

Kelly F - "I’ve never been one to go to a doctor for anxiety and have found ways to handle it myself, but after some big life stressors, I finally decided to give the Better Than Zanex a try. For the first time in weeks I’ve been able to take a deep breath and feel fully relaxed, head to toe. This stuff is amazing. Can’t thank you enough."

Jessica L - "I have been using the Fire Face tonic for a few years now. It has some serious kick but I added a little olive oil to help it go down and I actually didn't mind it. Fire Face is my go to when I am feeling like crap and need to sick bugs to the curb fast!!"