Grandaddy Purple Terpenes 2ml

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This 2ml bottle is filled with the most epic Terpenes! Welcome the Grandaddy Purple profile!  This profile is great for those looking for help post workout with the nasty muscle spasms.  Also great for those who need a little help in the insomnia department (take this sucker in the evening).

How to use:

1-5% into heated plant concentrate, vape juice.  Combine with your favorite beverage, mix and enjoy!  (If mixing with a drink, use 1 drop to 2 DROPS!)

Touching a hot stove will burn

⚠️Jumping out of a plane with no parachute won’t end well

⚠️Using these terpenes without diluting will also suck.

Serious harm can happen from using terpenes without diluting - seriously though don’t do it🚫.


Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy, Euphoric, Hungry


Stress, Insomnia, Pain, Depression, Lack of appetite

100% Plant Based, THC FREE, CBD FREE, GMO FREE, 0% Solvent