Mango Haze Terpenes 2ml

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Welcome Mango Haze!  This terpene profile is great for those with ADHD and histamine related BS.  Add a drop of this to your Rose or your CBD.

How to use:

1-5% into heated plant concentrate, vape juice. Combine with your favorite beverage, mix and enjoy!  Add 1 to 2 drops, that's all you need!

Touching a hot stove will burn 

⚠️Jumping out of a plane without a parachute won’t end well 

⚠️Using these Terpenes without diluting will also suck. 

Serious harm can happen from using Terpenes without diluting - seriously though don’t do it 🚫.

Effects:  Happy, Relax and Calm a Racing Mind, Stress, Depression, Mind Opening, Motivating

Medical: ADHD, ADD, Pain Relief, PMS, Migraines, PTSD

100% Plant based, THC FREE, CBD FREE, GMO FREE, 0% Solvent

Some seriously nice aromas come from this profile. Mangos, spicy and sour undertones with hints of wood and musk. It's perfect for a social setting to get you in the zone or for chilling out and listening to music. When I want to clean the house or hit the mall it's a great choice. Ladies love this to turn the mind off before sex and those who suffer ADHD really appreciate this profiles ability to calm the busy mind.